A Partnership for Endurance Xcellence

Mission Statement:  Partnering in training and academic advancement to achieve
the highest performance levels in endurance horses, riders, and teams.


We are pleased to announce that in 2010 APEX has set aside a fund to award scholarships to attend APEX clinics. The scholarships should cover about half of an adult's costs, and all of a Young Rider (age 21 and under) attendance. Limited slots are available at each clinic, e.g., at most two 'with horse' slots will be available. Scholarships will be available to members who have joined APEX at least 60 days before the target clinic date, and who file an application at least 6 weeks before the target clinic. Those chosen based on their applications will be notified 4 weeks in advance of the clinic. The application form is here.  
A family is not eligible for more than one scholarship in a 12-month period.

Completed Events

Follow Up to May 6 - 8 2011:  Performance Profiling at the Biltmore Challenge. Abaxis underwrote the vast bulk of the costs, making this an affordable way for riders to discover how their horse integrates the physiological response to the endurance race.  Blood work at critical junctures and weights were taken.   Vacu-Med and University of Guelph have been actively making certain the results are meaningful to the participants.  Individual analyses have been done, and shared individually post-event, followed by two conference calls featuring Mike Lindinger of University of Guelph -- the first for all participants providing an overview of what they got, and, in August, a participant and full member call summarizing the research learnings from the event.  Recording of the first conference call available here(mid-June 2011).(10 MB, 1 hour, mp3)   Recording of the second, overall event summary (early October 2011) available here.  And 7 files of results available:  report appendix 50-mile fast 50-mile slow 75-mile finishers 75-mile pulls 100-mile

Upcoming Happenings

June 1, 2, 3 2012:  In the clinic, you will be able to participate (or audit) in centered riding techniques as Susan Harris and Peggy Brown, both certified, fourth level Centered Riding instructors, teach them.   Four sessions of one hour each will be available to each full participant (that is, with horse).   One hour of ground exercises will be available to both auditors and full participants.

As a bonus, Susan and Peggy will be doing demos on Friday evening, starting about 5 pm with dinner and mounted section of demo to follow.   Cost is included in the with-horse clinic fee; for all others who wish to attend Friday night there will be a $20 charge for dinner/demo. Details here.

In parallel with the open clinic, Biltmore Equestrian Center is sponsoring a Centered Riding Instructor’s clinic. Elizabeth Bush (ebush@biltmore.com) has details




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